Lyrics & Music: Adnan Alhamdan
Management: SolMusic Management Inc. Canada
Production: Ivan and Andria Busic, Brazil
Co-Producer: Ivan Hurd, Canada
CD Designer: Romulo Dias, Brazil


Project "Storm of Death" It will be Adnan Alhamdan's Third album Featuring a selection of musicians from all over the world More than 120 guests and 44 countries.

And different music genres... Where Adnan had the honour of hosting an amazing and very special guests to make the biggest musical project in the world.  

The project is divided into two parts. All the 30 songs are composed by Adnan Alhamdan where more than 30 vocalist sing on them. Section two: It is a long musical piece within the album, bringing together guests of various instrumental such as (Guitar/Bass/keyboard/Drums/and some other instruments) players...

I realized this project to forstill peace and love in Syria. Unfortunately 10 years of war (and it is not over yet) has violently marked the lives of us Syrians, who were forced to leave our land in search of peace.
Cities destroyed by hatred and for what?? Not to mention the families, almost all of them exterminated by barbaric violence. Children forced to live without parents and eat what they find and drink contaminated water. This is not life!

We musicians have a great soul and in these cases, there are no borders or passports that divide us; we musicians are united and strong and we are here for YOU!

This project is dedicated to all Syrians who are suffering from the loss of their loved ones or the loss of their homes. Be strong, and I hope that everytime you listen to this music, you will think that tomorrow may be better!

Please donate, even a little money can bring everyone's smile back!

Thank you very much,

Adnan and Tiziana